Sit-Down Dining and Carry-Out From Friendship Heights Restaurants

Just northwest of Washington, DC, Friendship Heights is a residential area that combines suburban living with big city amenities. It’s this unique combination of a relaxing, quiet environment with all of the stores and restaurants you can find in a busy city that makes life in Friendship Heights, DC so fulfilling.

Whether you’re craving something as modest as a sub sandwich or something more exciting like roast duck, you can use this directory as a starting point to find the restaurant that will satisfy your appetite. The listings are all classified according to their location to keep you from viewing irrelevant search results.

If you’re hungry, consider dining at one of the restaurants or carry-out locations in the Friendship Heights community of Washington, DC.


Carry-Out & Restaurants Listings

Booeymonger (Washington, DC)
Restaurant in Friendship Heights
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Other Selected Carry-Out & Restaurants Listings

Booeymonger (Washington, DC)
Clyde's of Chevy Chase (Chevy Chase, MD)
Barking Dog, The (Bethesda, MD)
Clyde's of Georgetown (Washington, DC)
Baja Fresh (Silver Spring, MD)

Among these big city amenities are some of the most unique and satisfying restaurants in the area. The carry-out locations and restaurants in Friendship Heights, DC give local residents an array of choices to suit any culinary fantasy.

In today’s Internet driven world, a growing number of diners are turning to the Internet to guide their dining decisions. However, it can take hours of surfing the web to gather information about the diverse choices in the Friendship Heights area.

For this reason, we created this directory of carry-out locations and restaurants in Friendship Heights, DC. Now, you can simply browse our listings to find out more about the restaurants right here in your community.

Friendship heights restaurants are some of the best in the Washington DC area. If you would like to suggest some Friendship Heights Restaurants for inclusion in our directory, send us your thoughts.